The aspiration to Beauty never changes: standards come and go but never has humanity said: Beauty doesn’t matter. Now more than ever digitalization made it impossible to escape the social media scrutiny.  We feel almost a social obligation to look a certain way. Smile! It may be desire for acceptance, self-love or the Zoom meeting syndrome – who knows? There’s a noticeable increase in desire for cosmetic procedures post-pandemic as plastic surgeons seem to be busier than ever. In the heart of Manhattan, a 60 seconds-walk from the Plaza Hotel, Dr. Michelle Zweifler’s practice – or Dr. Z as her patients call her – is the best kept secret. Not a fan of self-promotion, highly publicized accolades or instant gratification she attends to her profession with passion, dedication and endless excitement for seeing her patients smile and be happy. Dr. Michelle Zweifler and I we met three years via an Instagram connection. She immediately instilled in me a sense of trust: not only she “shaved off” 5 years from my face with a touch of her magical Botox syringe, she was able to instantly diagnose a condition I had for years and was not aware of (just by looking at my face): an auto-immune thyroid condition. Talking about knowledge! Bingo! Years of studying general surgery then plastic surgery and perfecting her craft qualify her to be an excellent doctor not just an amazing aesthetic surgeon. Tip: when you choose your doctor, choose right! Choose real expertise, credibility! It’s your body, beauty and health after all!

In May I had the pleasure of shadowing Dr. Z for a few days and what I saw was nothing short of extraordinary: post-op patients, three days after face lifts or breast reduction (going from DDD cup to B or C), tummy tucks following massive weight loss (150 pounds to be more exact!). It was basically witnessing miracle transformations. Named by many The Queen of Botox, she beautifully exercises her craft in plastic surgery which to me is rather reminiscent of art. Patients praise her bed side manners, meticulous attention to detail and ability to change their lives: a patient in her 70’s says she wishes she would have gotten breast reduction earlier in life: No more neck and back pain, the clothes fit better. Right under my eyes a nipple was being stitched and ten minutes later a barely noticeable suture was left behind. Voila! I ask her: what is the secret behind the minimal scars? It’s technique, she says with a slight smile, and also the creativity that happens in the spare of the moment. Her personality is larger than life seasoned with great humor but there is a sense of mystery that she exudes. It’s her own world that she occasionally allows people to tap in and fall in love with her generous spirit via her Instagram Lives. That’s the moment where we discover her humanity, passion for health, beauty and people. The mystery that surrounds this special woman makes her even more beloved by everyone who encounters her. Fiercely protective of her patients, she rarely posts on her website or social media before and after procedures: These are my patients’ bodies, they have the right to privacy… in a world where many prefer to show off their work there is a different caliber of doctors who lead with generosity, passion for their craft and deep love and respect for their profession and patients. And when we find this kind of doctors we find long-term partners in health, well-being and why not an aspiration to Forever Young?

Article by Virgilia Virjoghe, Bran Strategist. Author. Multi-media contributor. Owner VV Global Partners www.vvglobalpartners.com