December 29, 2021

I had a breast reduction done with her and I could not be happier with the results

Breast Reduction

2 months post-op

Dr. Zweifler and her office are amazing. They are detail oriented and so caring. They handled the entire insurance process for me to make it easy, and her office went above and beyond to make sure every piece of paperwork was ready for my surgery date.

Dr. Zweifler herself is so knowledgeable and did an amazing job. I had a breast reduction done with her and I could not be happier with the results. She knows what she’s doing and will make sure you are happy, and will be there for months afterwards to make sure everything is healing properly.


December 13, 2021

She has provided outstanding support throughout the entire process

Breast Reduction

9 months post-op

If you’re like me and have been considering a breast reduction for years, I can’t recommend Dr. Zweifler highly enough. I went to several consultations and the moment I met Dr. Zweifler, I knew she was the only choice for me. She has provided outstanding support throughout the entire process and her knowledge and expertise made me feel immediately at ease about the procedure. Her patience in answering questions, her genuine investment in my specific needs and her outstanding portfolio of work made my decision to move forward an easy one. From my first consultation to my final post op, I have felt as though I am in extremely capable hands. If this is a procedure you’re considering, look no further than Dr. Zweifler!


October 4, 2021

I Am Amazed at What I See in the Mirror

Tummy Tuck

2 months post-op

Dr. Z is a wonderful, caring, perfectionist, amazing doctor. I went to see her a 13 months post op of weight lose surgery lost 150lbs. I had extra skin and lots of fat around the tummy area and it drove me nuts. So when I walked in her office I really didn’t know what to expect. Well let me tell you she walked in with a smile on her face and made me feel comfortable and explaining what I needed done and how she would do it. Took some time saving money but she was the doctor for me I went back the beginning of July 2021 and booked my surgery date On August 6th 2021 my birthday…. ( 20 days before I hit 2 years post op of being Sleeved ) She laughed because she couldn’t believe I would have surgery on my birthday..Well that was my gift to myself and I knew I was in great hands . When you walk in to her office you feel like that they know you forever starting with the office manger Diane down to Dr. Z …… Surgery went great recovery is great my results are WOW .. I have never not had a belly and now at the age of 41 I am belly free . She will be doing some other surgeries for me . All around a wonderful Experience she is phenomenal



If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.


June 21, 2021

I highly recommend Dr. Zweifler


4 days post-op

From beginning to end, I had a great experience with Dr. Z. During the consultation, she took the time to listen to and address my concerns. The procedure itself was very smooth experience - I loved the facility and support leading up to it and during recovery.

I'm 3 days post-op and love how I look so far. I highly recommend Dr. Zweifler!

Coach Russell

May 27, 2021

Heads Above The Rest. Dr. Z is Awesome!

Lipoma Removal

6 months post-op

I went to Dr. Z with a sizable bump on my forehead and she was engaged and thorough from the initial consultation. She heard and listened to my concerns and once I felt confident she was the one, I didn’t look back. She made me feel comfortable and took great care of me and the results speak for themselves.

Dr Z, I appreciate and Thank you from the very bottom of my heart


April 24, 2021

When you talk about professionalism, knowledge, honesty, patience and caring, we’re talking about Dr. Z

Breast Reduction

2 days post-op

Please! Let’s be clear! When you talk about professionalism, knowledge, honesty, patience and caring, we’re talking about Dr. Z she’s a sweetheart. On my initial consultation we click! I couldn’t look anywhere else. From the staff, to the OR and discharged from the Hospital. The staff at Lenox Hill surprised me a lot. Lilyana my recovery nurse she was amazing! She said “My girl you’re ok?” I guest she figured I’m Jamaican so she’s trying to drop some slang in. But seriously Dr. Z thank you!! Thank You!


April 10, 2021

Best Decision Ever!

Breast Reduction

I was so scared to do this procedure even though I was in constant pain and had a pinched nerve. But Dr. Zweilfer was so patient and understanding and most importantly very real with me. She made me feel super secure and has a team made up of all women. I can now live a normal life again after the surgery. I am so happy and recommend her to anyone and have to all of my friends who needed this procedure done.


March 20, 2021

Best plastic surgeon in all of NYC!!!!

Breast Reduction

3 months post-op

One word: AMAZING!!!!
Dr Z saved my neck and back from all the pain having large Breast had caused me. Besides relieving the stress she gave me the picture perfect breast I've always wanted.
Thank you Dr Z


February 10, 2021

Perfect Experience with the Whole Team!

Breast Reduction

1 month post-op

Excellent experience with the whole team! I was recommended to Dr. Zweifler in November (2020) after months of searching for a surgeon and years of consistent back pain, migraines, and many trips to my chiropractor and physical therapist. Within a few moments of my consultation, I knew Dr. Zweifler was the perfect fit for me. I was able to book my surgery for the end of December after meeting her just a few weeks earlier and her team, with holidays approaching, were able to get everything worked out with insurance and assure me everything would be great. My surgery went perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with my results at just 6 weeks post op! Dr. Zweifler was the right choice for me and I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.


June 26, 2019

The Perfect Plastic Surgeon Brings out Inner and Outer Beauty


16 days post-op

After a session with Plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Zweifler, I always feel more beautiful inside and out. I go to Dr. Zweifler for Botox but leave with so much more.
She is honest in her advice on beauty treatments, gentle in her approach and the results are outstanding with so many people complimenting me on how youthful and beautiful I look.
Dr. Zweifler spends the time to bring out my inner beauty and tells me what she thinks will work and what won’t. She will tell me don’t waste your money on this, try this. She knows the latest products. She is very talented and knows how to make me look my best.
I feel lucky to have found Dr. Zweifler and look forward to my time with her. As a result of her work, I am aging quite well based on feedback of awe and shock from people when I tell them my age.


May 19, 2019

Amazing Results/Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Breast Fat Transfer

14 months post-op

I waited a little over a year to write about my results from my fat transfer breast augmentation. I am please to say that I am extremely happy with my results and very little complcations. I had a significant size difference between my right and left breast, in that my right breast was a cup size smaller than my left. I underwent surgery and felt that Dr. Zweifler was extremely patient and understanding. I did not complete all of the follow-up appointments due to family obligations but still remain satisfied. I found Dr. Zweifler off of Real Self and am glad I went with her. She is very relatable and can have a good conversation. Thank you and sorry for the late review


April 24, 2019

Had a Great Experience

Tummy Tuck

Not only is she a great surgeon but also has outstanding bedside manners. She made my procedure smooth and explain everything step by step. I want to thank Dr. Zweifler and her staff for an amazing experience.


December 5, 2018

Excellent Experience

Tummy Tuck

I would highly recommend Dr. Zweifler. She really put a lot of detail in my care from beginning to post op. After 4 C-Sections and an umbilical hernia in need of repair. Having Dr Zweifler do my abdominoplasty was one of the best life changing decisions I have made.


October 30, 2018


Breast Augmentation

Dr. Zweifler is such an amazing plastic surgeon! She was so informative and caring during my consultation, and she took the time to explain the surgery and how I can expect to look and feel after the surgery. She made me feel relaxed and at ease while in the hospital prior to the surgery, and then she called me the same night I left the hospital to check-in. She also called the following day- she couldn't have provided better patient care! The office staff are also so friendly and helpful- it makes going to the office for post-op appointments easy and stress-free. I would highly recommend Dr. Zweifler to anyone!!


March 10, 2018

The absolute best experience!


13 hours post-op

Experience with this doctor was the absolute BEST! She is friendly and caring, and does her best to comfort and put her patients at ease. During the procedure, she was constantly advising what was coming next, and made every effort to put me at ease. After the procedure was completed, she provided all necessary medications, instructions for proper care and assisted me with procuring a taxi for my ride home. Follow up visits were productive and filled with Dr. Zweifler's general concern for her patient's wellbeing. Probably, the most important thing I can say about her is: She made me look 20 years younger!


February 12, 2018

Top Notch Physician and Staff

Arm Lift

14 hours post-op

I was referred to Dr. Michelle Zweifler by my previous employer who is a well known and respected physician also. I lost over 100 pounds and desperately needed an arm lift due to the excess skin resulting from my extreme weight loss. I haven't worn short sleeves since I was a kid and Dr. Zweiflers skills changed that for me. She is a remarkably skilled and patient surgeon who I recommend highly. Her staff is absolutely wonderful, informative and accommodating who make you feel welcome and comfortable the minute you walk through the door.


October 28, 2017


Breast Reduction

I was comfortable and confident from beginning to end. Dr. Zweifler detailed every step of the way for me and made sure I knew exactly what to expect. She focused on what I wanted for myself and she made that happen. I couldn't have chosen a better doctor.


May 8, 2017

Great experience

Breast Implant Removal

From the consultation to the post-surgical appointment, I was very pleased with my experience. Dr.Zweifler’s level of professional care and expertise made me feel confident that I choose the right doctor. She always made me feel comfortable and answered any questions that I had. The staff there is also amazing, professional and friendly. I’m very happy with my results and I would highly recommend her!!


April 23, 2017

The results thus far are great and I'm so glad I chose Dr. Zweifler

Breast Augmentation

From the moment I met Dr. Zweifler, I was impressed with her professionalism and experience particularly in injectables as well as breast augmentation. She listened to my concerns and reviewed what could be done with realistic and natural-looking results. With all of the questions I had, she patiently reviewed my concerns and made me feel confident that I'd have a smooth surgery with fantastic results. Dorothy, her office manager, is meticulously wonderful and made me feel calm and comfortable through the entire process. Even with post-op visits and questions, I always feel like I'm being taken care of well. The results thus far are great and I'm so glad I chose Dr. Zweifler and got the best of her expertise.


June 3, 2016

Arm Lift and Tummy Tuck at 62 - New York

Arm Lift

9 months post-op

We originally came to Dr. Zweifler for my daughter's breast reduction. Last year I went to her for an arm lift and tummy tuck. Dr. Zweifler is straight forward while being caring. I had trouble recuperating from the arm surgery and she saw me 3x per week until I got better. In addition to her work, I love her humor and honesty. She is adorable and extremely funny. She is also VERY honest in her biz practices (when her asst. pushed me into more injectables than I wanted- she totally refunded my payment).
Dr. Zweifler is also an expert in injectables. Anyone can do Botox, but it takes a great deal of talent to get the type of results she gave me.
Finally, I fell 'in love' with her office staff who made me feel wonderful. All this- and she rarely runs late- what more could anyone want!

32 Year Old Twin Mom - New York

Mommy Makeover

1 month post-op

I had a ventral hernia and diastasis recti (ab muscles were split) from my twin pregnancy. I decided get that repaired, as well as get a tummy tuck (to remove the extra 'twin skin') and a breast lift. I was on the fence about the procedures for a while because of cost, recovery time, and fear of the anesthesia. I am so happy I did It! I'm 4 weeks post op and I feel great. I also look great! Dr. Zweifler is my plastic surgeon and she did an amazing job with both my stomach and my breasts. I would recommend her to everyone! Her office is so welcoming and supportive!